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Gym Facilities

Get Fit Fitness is a clean, private and convenient studio gym.
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Personal Training

My style of training yields great results! Clients goals are my goals! As a result of the training and nutritional guidance, I get to see them live healthier lifestyles and get fit! I enjoy helping clients reach their desired results!
$30/30min $40/hr

Boot Camp

Get Fit Fitness offers a two week trial boot camp that yields great results!

$50 a month for 2x's a week!
$75 a month for 3x's a week!!
$100 for unlimited classes a month!!

Boot Camp Classes:
Monday 7:30AM

Tuesday -Friday-8AM
Saturday 9AM

Monday - Thursday 5:30PM

Small classes can also be scheduled to your availability!!!
$10 for two week Boot Camp Trial
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“Great motivator to help you achieve the results you want”
- Angela Priester
“One of the best trainers in the business and will bring the best out of you”
- terence priester
“I have been attending Shaun’s bootcamp classes for over a year now and have felt an improvement in my fitness level and overall health. I always look forward to the next class!”
- Fabio Arauz
“I’ve been personal training and doing bootcamp with Shaun for almost two years. I had battled weight loss on my own for years and could never get any results. As soon as I started training with Shaun, I saw results immediately. I have learned that results are not given without putting in the work. He has really shown me how to get out, what I put in.”
- Joanna Arauz
“Personal Coach is how I like to describe Shaun—always pushing for maximum effort and always helping me achieve my goals. Shaun takes me to where I won’t go on my own, which always feels like a sense of glory after each workout! SuperFiveStar!!!”
- Pablo Mirabal
“Great intense work out with results!! I only went twice a week for 30 days and toned up a lot more than I expected to within that time frame.”
- Albert Taylorel
“ If you are looking for an awesome trainer, Shaun is your guy!!!! He is very knowledgeable about the body and will work with any limitations you have!!! Everybody's body is not the same and therefore he will build a workout program just for generic program from Shaun!!! He is the BEST ”
- Candace Joyner
“I’m a breast cancer survivor. I had a year of chemo therapy and 11 surgeries. I’m dealing with the after effects and I couldn’t continue my recovery without Shaun. He has cheered me, challenged me, and is helping me have a full life again. He’s a God send.”
- Stacy Easley-Sontheimer
“Shaun was excellent at motivating you to power through your workout. He kept the workouts interesting and upbeat. Loved working out with Shaun!”
- Jolene Gay
“ If you are in need of a trainer who is going to help you reach your goals... look no further. You will be pushed and encouraged to achieve your overall health and fitness goals. No frills, just results”
- Dionne Gilliard
“Shaun is so great at working with people at any level of fitness. In fact I'd definitely encourage beginners to go to him. You'll never once have that feeling that you shouldn't be there and you will get results!”
- Aimee Allenback
“Shaun is terrific. First, I’ll say that I’m a healthcare professional who has known for a long time the right things to do regarding my health but have never implemented those things in my life. I had never been motivated to workout. All that changed when I finally got tired enough of myself and found the courage to reach out to Shaun. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I’ve been working out under his guidance for almost ten months now. Shaun helps motivate me to keep coming. I’ve been able to lose 105 pounds, 28% body fat and 40 inches so far. He changes up my workout routine enough to keep my body guessing what is coming next. My mind plays tricks on me has moments of doubt and sometimes thinks he’s asking too much but he’s actually not since I often find myself able to do more than what he asks. My body thanks him for the push. Shaun also gives me pointers on food choices and combinations that work well too. I highly recommend him to everyone. #teamgetfit”
- Crystal
“Shaun is a wonderful trainer! He emphasizes proper form and makes every workout fun and challenging! I have lost almost 50 pounds thanks to his training and positive, encouraging words to me. He makes you challenge yourself and makes you want to workout! Thanks, Shaun! I highly recommend Get Fit Fitness for any and all training needs!”
- Rachel Payne
“Ladies, if your looking to improve your health and get strong while having fun, Shaun is your guy! I have obtained amazing results through his personal training and boot camps! He finds out what you want to do and holds you accountable in a positive way. His sessions are high energy and Tailored to meet Your goals!”
- Anne Dyson
“Shaun is extremely professional and respectful. No sugar coating here, he will let you know the truth. Shaun will personalize your workout regimen and give you nutritional tips to get you to your healthiest self possible. His classes are lively and individual training sessions can get intense. As long as you bring a positive attitude and the willingness to improve, Shaun will take care of the rest! ”
- Kalani Christensen
“Shaun was the key person to get me ready for weight loss surgery. I had recently had bilateral partial knee replacements. I could barely walk to the end of my street. His patience is impeccable. He came to my house and encouraged me every day. Shaun does not judge anyone. He saw me a year after surgery and did not recognize me. He has a wonderful, caring and fun family I'm so proud that he is doing so well in his gym. Get fit with Shaun!?”
- Lauren Stewart
“Shaun is an excellent personal trainer. I've been training with Shaun for almost nine months. I always hated to exercise in the past, but now I look forward to the challenge. Shaun knows how to sculpt your body, emphasizing proper form and safety. One of my favorite Get Fit gym quotes....."I set you up to succeed, not fail." I have lost a lot weight, but I realize the inches lost are more important than the number on the scale. I have a confidence in myself that was never there before I started working out with Shaun. Love yourself, and GET FIT! ”
- MK Smith
“Your look is Shaun's mission. The workouts are intense in variety. Shaun is a great motivator and gives you out of the gym assignments to complete on your own time. As a trainer, Shaun is very knowledgeable and brings you to the next level of your workout abilities. Come check it out! Very fun way to get in shape!”
- Valeriya V. Andronova
“When you first walk in you get a smile and a good morning, good afternoon, or good evening after that it's time to put in your work. Shaun has helped me for 3 weeks so far and it's been hard but you would never have guessed because that's the kind of trainer he is. His energy and motivation levels are off the charts and it keeps you moving forward to put in your best effort and to push you beyond what you thought you couldn't do. Shaun will joke around with you and have a good laugh but he will also tell you when your not bringing your A game to get you back on track and that's the type of person you need. Most are all about the money but you get 100% care of your body and health when you train with him. He works with you on your level and builds you up and I certainly appreciate everything he's done for me so far and I'm happy to continue my fitness journey with him as my trainer. ”
- Angela Grant
“Shaun trained my teen son and did such a great job! He was very motivating and gave him really clear and easy instructions.Shaun made him feel very comfortable. If you are on the fence deciding whether or not to hire Shawn-my advice would be to go for it! He will get you into shape.”
- Stefanie Liss- Simmons
“Shaun is the best fitness instructor that I have ever come across. He generally cares about your health and desire to become fit as you would like. If getting in shape is what your looking for---Shaun Gettis is the instructor that you are looking for. Thanks Shaun for all your help.”
- Lisa Dennis-Pritchett
“Angela Porterfield reviewed Get Fit Fitness — 5 star July 1, 2017- ? BEGINNER'S ALERT? Oh, my, this has been the best decision I have made. Shaun is amazing! I knew I needed to do better. I have never exercised before so I was scared to get started. When I met Shaun, he made me feel comfortable and ready to start. I really thank Shaun. Because of him I'm able to do things I never thought I could. I brought determination and he pushed me. I couldn't even do one push up, now I'm 10 strong and 15 when pushed, and i only been in 6 weeks! Although it's boot camp, he knows how to monitor each person's needs and their ability. This is the type off trainer you need if you are looking for a personal trainer. However, boot camp is fun too!. Get fit fitness is the place to be!”
- Angela Porterfield
“Chris Helms reviewed Get Fit Fitness — 5 star March 16, 2017- This is a review after Day 1. The hardest part is showing up and making the commitment. I wanted to talk myself out of this so many times, but I'm glad I didn't. Today was a 1 hour introductory session, and Monday I will be back to start 1 of 12 session package and I'm actually excited about it. This is the first time since I was a teenager I have stepped inside a Studio/Gym and I'm 33 years old! I'm not going to lie I had to take a 3 minute breather towards the end, but it wasn't but 2-3 hours later I started feeling the sensation of euphoria, as I write this, the session ended 7 hours ago and I feel amazing, everything I have ever heard about endorphins releasing is absolutely true. I can get use to this feeling. I went into this with the goal of feeling less fatigued every day, improving my stamina, toning up, and having more energy. How can you put a price on that? You can't because feeling good is invaluable. I should have started this along time ago!”
- Chris Helms
“Stefanie Liss- Simmons reviewed Get Fit Fitness — 5 star September 1 at 4:22pm Shaun trained my teen son and did such a great job! He was very motivating and gave him really clear and easy instructions.Shaun made him feel very comfortable. If you are on the fence deciding whether or not to hire Shawn-my advice would be to go for it! He will get you into shape. ”
- Stefanie Liss- Simmons
“Amiee M. Mueller reviewed Get Fit Fitness — 5 star March 13 · Shaun is super friendly, knowledgeable in fitness, and works with you at your level. He was encouraging throughout the workout session and asked questions about my goals before we started working together. Plus he owns his own workout studio so you get his full attention, in a private setting, with all of the necessary tools, and he cares a lot about your fitness success.”
- Amiee M. Mueller
“Iacopo Red Bove reviewed Get Fit Fitness — 5 star February 22 · After more than 1 month i can say that Shaun really makes me give my best. He keeps me motivated and I'm already seeing my body change. We still have 6 months ahead and I'll be more than happy to show my results at the end of my experience. The best ones go to Get Fit Fitness!”
- Iacopo Red Bove
“Hello Everybody!!! For additional reviews and testimonials please go to my Facebook: There is a Facebook Icon on the bottom of every page- Go take a look at all the 5 STAR REVIEWS!!! and for any additional information please click one of the buttons on the page and fill out the information so I can contact you back directly! Thanks and make it a GREAT DAY!!!!”
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